Climbing rocks for wooden walls | black | Large
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Climbing rocks for wooden walls | black | Large



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8 pcs climbing grips for children and childish souls
Colours: black,
Measures around 8×8 cm to 10×14 cm
For children and adults

A climbing wall at home has become so popular. Such a wall is a great form of activity for your children. It has an amazing effect on them. You can use a wooden board to form a climbing path leading to a mountain or other adventurous places. It is a great challenge for children’s motor skills, balance, and movement. It provides the child with many great fun hours of crawling up and running down. Climbing Rocks can be assembled outdoors in a playhouse, on the shelter or as a part of any other playground equipment in the garden.

When building a climbing wall, you should first investigate the following:

  1. The wall’s height and width. Don’t build the climbing wall higher than 250 cm.
  2. Whether the climbing rocks should be assembled directly to the wall or on the wooden plate.
  3. What kind of wall they should be assembled to (brick, concrete, wood)
  4. Who is going to use the climbing wall (babies, children, adults, new beginner, less or more experienced?

When you got the answers to all the fours requirements, you can start building your own climbing wall! Climbing rock for babies must be of good quality, have rounded edges and good grip.

In this section, we offer a wide range of climbing rocks, that are especially suitable for children. A large part of them are approved under the DS / EN1176 playground regulations and also have the German TÜV quality stamp.

There are 8 climbing rocks in a box.

We recommend one box for the little ones at the age of 2, so they can get used to the equipment. Once they turn 3-4, it is recommended to mix two packages. Preferably one package with large, and one package with small rocks. The playground gets wider and reaches much higher, so they can practice more and have even more fun.

Make sure that you have a fall protection right by the climbing wall.