Monterosso Nude Spot Kids Sandal
Monterosso Nude Spot Kids Sandal
Monterosso Nude Spot Kids Sandal

Monterosso Nude Spot Kids Sandal



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Monterosso Kids Sandal

Marvel at the colorful houses clung to the hillsides whilst you wander the narrow winding paths lined with olive groves, lemon trees and terraced vineyards.
A modern twist on a kids avarcas sandal our handmade leather Monterosso sandal is stylish, versatile & convenient. Featuring a thick, yet flexible non-slip sole, classic peep toe and padded heel you can ensure maximum comfort and protection to your little adventorous feet.
Available in two unisex colors these sandals are suitable for both boys and girls
coming in a range of sizes from 2-6yrs.


-  All our shoes are handmade from soft high quality leathers and designed in Australia.

- Slip on an off with ease with our hassle free velcro fastening

- Protective closed toe and padded heel for utmost comfort

- Thick yet flexible rubber sole for extra durability whilst also encouraging the foots natural movement



22         2 - 2.5 years - Hard Sole               14.20cm

23         2.5 - 3 years - Hard Sole               14.86cm

24         3 - 3.5 years - Hard Sole               15.52cm

25         3.5 - 4 years - Hard Sole               16.18cm

26         4 - 4.5 years - Hard Sole               16.84cm

27         4.5 - 5 years - Hard Sole               17.5 cm

28          5 - 6 years - Hard Sole                 18.16 cm