12 Wooden Friends | Rainbow
12 Wooden Friends | Rainbow

12 Wooden Friends | Rainbow

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The rainbow lovers with all their different colours and wood species reflect the wonderful diversity of our world and at the same time celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Because each of our hand-painted wooden figurines has a different expression and an individual grain. These cheerful little wooden males from different and typically native woods of Central Europe are gender-neutral, can be as sad as they are cheerful because they do not have a fixed facial expression.

The twelve friends can represent the twelve months of a year and are therefore a wonderful addition to our annual circle or to our Small Annual Ring / Birthday Ring. Just as the Seven Friends in wooden bowls can represent the seven days of a week.

12 wooden
figures Wood: Three different European types of wood from sustainable forestry, colour-glazed according to availability (maple wood, beech wood, cherry wood or alder wood).
Dimensions: height 6.5cm/diameter 3cm.